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Structural Steel Work

At Holborne Group Ltd, we manufacture a wide range of structural steelwork to suit a range of sectors and applications, including:
– Portal Frames
– Truss Frames
– Curved or Tubular Rafters
– Column/Beam Type Structures
– And more

Delivering a bespoke design and build service to all customers; this enables us to complete the project to the client’s specification and deliver the perfect product.

We have a professional in-house team that covers all areas of the project, including; design, manufacturing, painting and the transport of the product itself to ensure fluidity and prevent complications from occurring within the project lifecycle.

Our team of experts, involved in the design of the structural fabrication, will meet with you to discuss your requirements. Once the designs are finalised, Holborne’s steel fabricators will begin to build the steel structure.

As specialists in steel fabrication and building structural steelwork, with over 15 years’ trading experience there is no project too big or complicated, that we will not be able to deliver. Get in touch with our expert team today for more information on our services, call 01939 235124 or fill in our contact form.